Magnetic Mounting Bases

Accelerometer magnetic mounting bases are an ideal solution for those organizations that need to take periodic vibration data for trending purposes.  Rotating machinery is an ideal target for performing routine vibration studies.  Maintainance or process engineers normally perform weekly or monthly “walk around” surveys. The portable vibration instrumentation used does not allow for permanent sensor installation. Therefore, a convenient method must be used for removable sensors.  Accelerometer magnetic mounting bases provide this convenient, temporary method of installing accelerometers to ferrous  magnetic surfaces.

PCB® manufactures accelerometer magnetic mounting bases for flat surfaces, curves surfaces or uneven surfaces.  A large percentage of equipment surveyed is rotating machinery. The desired location for accelerometer mounting is usually on the main shaft bearing caps. The ideal magnetic mounting base is a two rail type magnetic base. The two rail type magnetic mounting base is ideal to mate to the curved surface of the bearing cap.  A good rule of thumb is to select a magnetic base with a larger diameter than the accelerometer base diameter.

Always exercise caution when using a magnetic base, as the magnetic forces want to rapidly pull the magnet onto the test article an impact shock would result.  A strong magnet may be strong enough to produce a high shock pulse damaging the accelerometer sensor.  It is recommended to install the magnet base to the test object on an edge and then “roll” the magnet gently into position.  Or install the magnetic base to the test object first and then attach the sensor.

After completing the survey or temporary, short term test the magnet and sensor are easily removed and ready to move to a new location or different machine.