Precision Dynamic Pressure Calibration

To service the wide range of pressure events measured by dynamic pressure sensors, The Modal Shop offers six different systems that calibrate sensors designed for acoustic measurements, atmospheric blast experiments, gas turbine exhaust fluctuations, internal combustion engine measurements and hydraulic or fuel line measurements. These systems have been proven in tens of thousands of factory calibrations performed at PCB Piezotronics Inc. This rich metrology heritage is leveraged with a digital hardware and software platform that is shared with The Modal Shop's 9155 Vibration Calibration System.

Ultra High Pressure Calibration System

Ultra High Pressure Calibration System - K9905D

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9905D Series Ammunition Brass Pressure Calibration Systems perform ultra high pressure calibrations with PCB 117 Series pressure sensors. Series options offer both manual and automated solutions, with and without software, to help meet your testing needs.

  • Maximum Pressure: 80 000 psi (550 MPa)
  • Hydraulic calibration media
  • ‘Step’ pressure input
  • Quasi-static method available for ballistics sensors and brass calibration
Low Pressure Calibration System

Low Pressure Calibration System -

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The K9903C provides low pressure transient inputs to the sensor under test, in accordance with ANSI B88.1.

  • Maximum pressure: 150 psi (1 MPa)
  • Pneumatic calibration media
  • Step pressure input
  • 5 ms using manual release valve
  • Automated Pressure Controller
Medium Pressure Calibration System

Medium Pressure Calibration System -

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The K9907C provides a step pressure pulse to the sensor under test using helium gas as a medium.

  • Maximum pressure: 1 000 psi (6.9 MPa)
  • Compressed air or industrial helium media
  • ‘Step’ pressure input
  • 5 ms using manual release valve
  • 5 ms rise time
Low Pressure Calibration System

High Pressure Calibration System - K9913C

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The K9913C offers accurate dynamic calibration of pressure sensors using an impulse input.

  • Maximum pressure: 15 000 psi (103 MPa)
  • Silicon oil media
  • ‘Impulse’ pressure input
  • 3 ms rise time
  • 7 ms pulse duration using drop mass
Instrumented Shock Tube

Instrumented Shock Tube - 9901C

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The 9901C uniquely characterizes pressure sensors using pressure waves created by diaphragm rupture. The reflected and incident pressures are measured.

  • Pressure Levels - from 3 psi to over 1 000 psi (20 kPa/0.2 bar to over 6.9 MPa/69 bar)
  • Helium or compressed air media
  • High frequency content allows determination of sensor resonant frequency
Precision Microphone Calibration System

Precision Microphone Calibration System - 9350C

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The 9350C is an accurate, automated system used to perform acoustic calibrations. Designed for:

  • Calibrates condenser measurement microphones, preamplifiers and sound sources
  • IEC 61094-6 and IEC 60942 compliant
  • Simple automated easy-to-use GUI