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Reusable ICP® Strain Gauge

Model 740B02 – For Dynamic Testing of Aircraft, Defense Vehicles and Components

  • Quick setup
  • Calibrated
  • Reusable

This high-resolution dynamic alternative to bond foil strain gauges uses a quartz sensing element in a durable, titanium housing. It has 0.0006 microstrain resolution, 5 volt output, 100k Hz frequency response and 0.5 gram mass for lightweight test articles. The reusable sensor comes with a calibration certificate, attaches to the test specimen in 60 seconds and is removed in 10 seconds.


  • Modal & Transfer Path Analysis
  • Composite material testing
  • Noise path analysis
  • Active vibration control
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  • Measurement Range: 100 pk µε
  • Measurement Range: 100 pk µε
  • Sensitivity: (±20%)50 mV/µε
  • Sensitivity: (±20%)50 mV/µε
  • Broadband Resolution: (1 to 10000 Hz)0.6 nε
  • Broadband Resolution: (1 to 10000 Hz)0.6 nε
$460.00 USD
(Pricing valid in US only)
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