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PCB Piezotronics offers technical information, papers, and article reprints for topics related to the measurement of acceleration, shock, vibration, acoustics, pressure, load, force, torque, and strain. Available electronic versions of this information are offered below.

Vibration, Shock, and Acceleration Measurements

Acoustic Measurements

Pressure Measurements

  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
  • TN-15 Technical note addresses Dynamic Pressure Calibration.
  • TN-11 Calculating Rise Time Capabilities for Shock and Blast Measurements.
  • TN-27 Measuring Static Overpressures in Air Blast Environments
  • TN-28 Measuring Underwater Explosions: Transducers and Their Application
  • TN-29 Guidance for the Filtering of Dynamic Force, Pressure, Acceleration (and Other) Signals.
  • TN-31 Air Blast and the Science of Dynamic Pressure Measurements

Force, Load & Torque Measurements

Signal Conditioning and Cables

Tips From Techs