Safety Monitoring | Preventative Maintenance | Ride Control

PCB® has been designing and manufacturing accelerometers for a variety of Rail applications since 1998. The field of high speed rail has progressed significantly with the addition of on-board monitoring to check the status and safety of trains, reduce maintenance costs and improve passenger comfort and safety. These systems use specially developed accelerometers for monitoring. PCB® designs rail accelerometers using the optimum technology type to meet the needs of the application. PCB® has typically used industrial-type sensors in these rail applications as the construction of these sensors are ideal for the rail environment which covers a wide range of ambient conditions. Working with an integrator has been critical to our success in rail monitoring programs as specification development can only occur with their input and is based on their requirements for sensor performance (frequency and sensitivity specifications), grounding strategy, environmental requirements (such as temperature, electric and mechanical shock and IP ratings) in addition to overall monitoring strategy. In addition to off-the-shelf stock accelerometers, PCB® is able to provide special accelerometers with TEDS, surge protection; filtering, case isolation, and low smoke zero halogen cables to meet specific rail standards depending on the particular application.


  • Safety Monitoring
    • Bogie Monitoring
    • Derailment Detection
  • Preventative Maintenance (Bearing Monitoring) / Condition Monitoring
  • Ride Control
    • Monitoring Ride and Comfort Quality


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