Acoustic Products for Automotive Applications

PCB® offers a variety of acoustic measurement products, including condenser, prepolarized, externally polarized, array, probe, low-profile surface, water and dust resistant, high temperature and other special purpose microphones. Advanced sound level meters to meet all your noise monitoring needs are available from Larson Davis, a PCB Piezotronics division. These acoustic products provide high quality measurement data for your automotive applications.


  • Cabin Noise Testing
  • Wind Noise Testing
  • Vehicle & Powertrain Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)
  • Automotive Component & System Performance
  • Powertrain Development
  • Noise Source Location
  • Sound System Performance
  • General Noise Reduction
Model# 130A24

The ½" ICP® Water and Dust Resistant Array Microphone system, PCB® Model 130A24, is ideal for high humidity applications, outdoor measurements and harsh settings where dust, water or oil splash is a concern. It is used in applications such as brake and tire noise testing, noise source identification, and leak detection.

Model# 377B26

Operating at a maximum temperature of 1472°F/800°C, PCB® Model 377B26, probe microphone measures much higher temperatures than traditional test and measurement microphones. This design quantifies sound pressure and resonant frequencies for exhaust noise and engine noise via a non-contact sensor.

Model# 130B40

The ½" ICP® The slim, 3 mm, low profile design of the PCB® model 130B40 surface microphone reduces unwanted wind effects, making it the preferred microphone for wind, brake and tire noise testing or general sound measurements where space is a concern.

Model# 130A23

The ½" ICP® The high amplitude array microphone, PCB® model 130A23, for noise source identification bridges the gap between low cost array microphones and high end test and measurement condenser microphones.