Larson Davis provides a full range of noise monitoring solutions allowing our customers cost and performance flexibility. Our sound level meters and monitoring systems cover applications requiring attended, portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitoring. These systems offer a range of power options, installation alternatives, and remote communications capabilities.

SoundAdvisor Environmental Noise Model 831C

SoundAdvisorTM Handheld, Attended Monitoring
Model 831C

Designed to improve your connectivity, increase your control, and most importantly, offer you access to your meter via any mobile browser or network connection, the SoundAdvisor Model 831C is the newest offering from Larson Davis.
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SoundAdvisor Noise Monitoring Kit Model NMS044

SoundAdvisorTM Portable, Short-term Noise Monitoring
Model NMS044

Need 24/7 noise monitoring with remote access and alert capabilities? Model NMS044 is a completely wireless solution designed to run indefinitely on solar power, offering instant access to both meter and data. Whether you are focused on remote noise monitoring in a far off location or are capturing construction noise data beside a highway, the SoundAdvisor streamlines your work.
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SoundAdvisor Noise Monitoring Kit Model NMS045

SoundAdvisorTM Permanent, Long-term Noise Monitoring
Model NMS045

Model NMS045 delivers 24/7 connectivity, continuous power capabilities, and a rugged design to simplify your long-term testing. Encased in a fiberglass enclosure, NMS045 is mounted to a permanently placed pole.
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Portable Noise Monitoring System – SoundExpert® LxT NMS

Portable Noise Monitoring System
SoundExpert® LxT NMS

In addition to the SoundExpert LxT meter, this kit includes the EPS042 protection case and D-cell battery pack, the EPS2116 microphone protection shroud, and EXC010 10 ft. cable. Using D-cell alkaline batteries, allows the noise monitor to be smaller and lighter; avoid the expense of shipping heavy lead acid batteries and the hassle of recharging. You can transport it easily to your site, deploy it, measure data, retrieve your system, download the data, and issue your report.
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SoundExpert® LxT Sound Level Meter

SoundExpert® LxT Sound Level Meter

The Larson Davis SoundExpert LxT Sound Level Meter is a full-featured meter designed for general product evaluation and noise monitoring applications. SoundExpert LxT comes with a graphic display and a fixed set of firmware options applicable for these applications. It is available as a general hand-held meter or data acquisition tool and also in a short-term noise monitoring kit.
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