Advance Tools for Personal Monitoring, Risk Assessment & Program Management.

Permanent Noise Monitoring System Model 831-NMS

Sound Level Meters

Larson Davis manufactures a wide range of Advanced Sound Level Meters to meet all your noise and vibration exposure assessments.
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Noise Dosimeters

Noise Dosimeters

Larson Davis produces a family of Personal Noise Dosimeters that provide ease-of-use, compact size and ergonomic design for compliance worldwide noise exposure regulations. 
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Human Vibration Meter Model HVM200

Human Vibration Meter

Model HVM200: The HVM200 Human Vibration Meter is a portable, hand-held measurement instrument for the following applications:

  • Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) analysis
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) analysis
  • Reference Condition Measurement
  • General Purpose vibration analysis

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Model 831 Sound Level Meter

Blaze® Software

Generate Clear, Concise Reports.

  • Windows® 7 & 8 Compatible
  • Supports SoundTrack LxT®, HVM, and Spark® data logging products
  • Creates and stores multiple test set-up parameters
  • Generates reports and graphs of measured data
  • Unlimited licensing per site

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