Noise Monitoring Systems

Permanent Noise Monitoring System - Model NMS045

SoundAdvisorTM Permanent, Long-term Noise Monitoring
Model NMS045

Model NMS045 delivers 24/7 connectivity, continuous power capabilities, and a rugged design to simplify your long-term testing. Encased in a fiberglass enclosure, NMS045 is mounted to a permanently placed pole.
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Portable Noise Monitoring System – NMS044

SoundAdvisor TMPortable, Short-term Noise Monitoring
Model NMS044

Model NMS044, similar to Model NMS045, is a completely wireless solution designed to run indefinitely on solar power, allowing you to take measurements and view them 24/7. A rugged case houses the system making it an ideal solution for remote noise monitoring.
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Portable Noise Monitoring System – SoundExpert® LxT NMS

Portable Noise Monitoring System – SoundExpert® LxT NMS

In addition to the SoundExpert LxT meter, this kit includes the EPS042 protection case and D-cell battery pack, the EPS2116 microphone protection shroud, and EXC010 10 ft. cable. Using D-cell alkaline batteries, allows the noise monitor to be smaller and lighter; avoid the expense of shipping heavy lead acid batteries and the hassle of recharging. You can transport it easily to your site, deploy it, measure data, retrieve your system, download the data, and issue your report.
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Hand-held & Attended Noise Monitoring Systems Model 831C

SoundAdvisorTM Hand-held & Attended Noise Monitoring
Model 831C

Model 831C delivers connectivity, extensive software features, and small form factor, making it ideal for handheld operation. Control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface.
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Hazardous ApprovedMics

Hazardous Approved Microphone & Preamplifier
Model EX378B02

The EX378B02 is an INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE prepolarized condenser microphone system. It is Hazardous Locations & Explosive Atmospheres compliant and can safely be employed in gaseous hazardous environments where standard microphones may cause a spark and fire.
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