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ICE Powertrain development is still a key requirement in today's competitive automotive market. In the last few decades, this development activity has been focused on balancing the need for power and torque with legislative emission requirements and the public's desire for increased fuel efficiency. This balancing act has led to new powertrain designs that involve higher internal pressures, are subject to greater instantaneous forces, have increased electronic signatures, and are more complex in their design and mechanical operation. These factors provide a significant challenge for the test and development community in measuring the vibration, pressure, torque and force of powertrain components. PCB® understands these challenges and offers solutions.

Testing applications

PCB supports powertrain testing requirements with high-quality pressure, force, and acoustic sensors, electronics, and cabling. Our sensors have been successfully used in powertrain development activities such as:

  • Powertrain NVH studies
  • Improvement of performance, fuel economy, cold start stability, and gear efficiency
  • Development of EGR systems, combustion systems, turbo systems and crankcase pumping
  • Development and certification of emissions and diesel after-treatment
  • Calibration of variable valve timing, ignition systems, vehicle on test bed, and Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Evaluation of exhaust valve leakage, oil carry over, valve trains, and cooler fouling
  • Thermal and lubrication surveys
  • Friction studies

Featured products

PCB Series 339 triaxial accelerometers are ideal for measuring vibration in powertrain testing applications. Housed in a titanium case, these hermetically sealed sensors offer standard high temperature capability and a low temperature coefficient that is a prerequisite in the powertrain test environment. With a temperature coefficient of less than 0.0125% / °F (0.02% / °C), these sensors provide precision amplitude data for powertrain tests where engine block surface temperatures can shift more than 250 °F during a single test. In addition, these sensors come standard with a built in filter to alleviate signal saturation commonly associated with crystal resonance excited by the high frequency metal-to-metal impacts in engines.

Model 378B02 & 130A24 are a 1/2 in (12 mm) prepolarized microphone and preamplifier combinations for applications where the audible range frequencies need to be accurately measured in areas free of reflective surfaces. Model 130A24 includes a replaceable water and dust resistant cover. This acoustically transparent cover provides an unobtrusive alternative to windscreens and a more consistent response than rubber protective covers.

Model HT378C20 is a high temperature (up to 120 ºC) random incidence (RI) microphone system has an accurate (flat) response in applications where numerous signals approach the microphone from an assortment of directions, at the same time. The small profile Probe Microphone (Model 377B26) is for extremely high temperatures environments (800ºC). It is used for acoustic measurements in small, hard-to-reach places and where precise placement is required in near-field testing within confined areas.

PCB TORKDISC® In-line Rotary Torque Sensor System offers a simple solution to measuring powertrain torque where axial space is at a premium. With an overall thickness of 1 to 2 inches (25.4 to 50.8 mm), PCB® Series 5300D incorporates dual high level analog outputs, AC and DC coupled, providing both static and dynamic torque measurement capability that can be recorded separately and independently scaled This is particularly beneficial when high DC levels are present or when low levels of AC content (rotational dynamics) is of particular interest.

Choose PCB for your automotive powertrain development needs.

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