Series 103B ICP® High-intensity Sound Pressure Sensors

PCB® Series 103B has played a major role in the development of supersonic aircraft and rockets. This tiny instrument is also useful for measuring transient pressure events, air turbulence, and other such acoustic phenomena on structures or aerodynamic models

  • Capable of high-intensity sound measurement of 191 dB with 86 dB resolution
  • Acceleration compensated sensing element reduces vibration sensitivity
  • Ability to measure small pressure changes ≤ 0.1 mpsi (0.689 Pa) under high static conditions
  • Ground isolation is available with plastic hardware
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  • Measurement Range: (± 5 V output)10 psi
  • Measurement Range: (± 5 V output)190.7 dB
  • Sensitivity: (±15%)500 mV/psi
  • Sensitivity: (±15%)72.5 mV/kPa
  • Low Frequency Response: (-5%)5 Hz
  • Low Frequency Response: (-5%)5 Hz
  • Resonant Frequency: >=13 kHz
  • Resonant Frequency: >=13 kHz
  • Electrical Connector: 10-32 Coaxial Jack
  • Electrical Connector: 10-32 Coaxial Jack
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