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Accessories for Acoustic Testing

A full range of complementary accessories are available for your microphones. Whether you need Holders and Stands, Environmental Protection, Adapters and Filters, Cables, Calibration Equipment or Signal Conditioners, PCB® is your one-stop shop manufacturer.

Holders and Stands for Test and Measurement Microphones

079B10      Holder for 1/4 inch Microphone

079A11      Holder for 1/2 inch Microphone

079C23      Swivel Head with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch Holders

079B32      Clip Holder for 1/4 inch Microphone

079A15      Tripod Stand with Boom Arm

079B16      Miniature Tripod Stand with Adjustable Legs

079A17      Camera Tripod Stand

079A18      Adjustable Clamp

079A44      5 Link Extension Arm for Clamp Holders

379A02      Array Microphone Stand

Environmental Protection Microphone Accessories

079A07      3-1/2 inch Windscreen for 1/4 inch Microphone

079A06      3-1/2 inch Windscreen for 1/2 inch Microphone

079C20      Nose Cone for 1/4 inch Microphone

079B21      Nose Cone for 1/2 inch Microphone

EPS2116      Outdoor Protection, 3/4 inch Mount & 1/4 inch Side Exit Mount

Adapters and Filters for Test and Measurement Microphones

079A02      1/4 inch Microphone to 1/2 inch Preamplifier Adaptor

079B03      1/2 inch Microphone to 1/4 inch Preamplifier Adaptor

079B25      1 inch Microphone to 1/2 inch Preamplifier Adaptor

079A24      Tripod Stand Adaptor to Convert 5/8 inch Stud to 1/4 inch For Microphone Holder

079A29      Swivel Head, Stand to Holder Adaptor

079A41      Right angle adapter for 1/4 inch Microphone

079A42      Right angle adapter for 1/2 inch Microphone

Microphone Cables (additional lengths available)

079B10      10 Foot Cable with 7 Pin Connectors

003C10      10 Foot Coaxial Cable with 10-32 Plug and BNC Plug

079B10      10 Foot Coaxial Cable with BNC Plugs

003U10      10 Foot Coaxial Cable with SMB Plugs

003V10      10 Foot Coaxial Cable with SMB Plug and BNC Plug

Calibration Equipment for Test and Measurement Microphones

CAL200      1 kHz, 94 and 114 dB, Calibrator

ADP024      CAL200 to 1/4 inch Microphone Adaptor

ADP021      CAL250 to 1/4 inch Microphone Adaptor

CAL250      250 Hz, 94 dB Calibrator

079A31      8-Channel Coupler for the CAL250 Calibrator

Prepolarized System Power Supplies, ICP® Signal Conditioners

For detailed specifications, click here.