Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) are gaining wide acceptance as an effective predictive maintenance strategy for  helicopter gearboxes and drive train, gas turbine engines and some fixed wing aircraft. Due to the large number of critical flight safety systems on aircraft, particularly rotating systems on helicopters, vibration monitoring technology is effective in detecting and thus preventing catastrophic mechanical failures. Accelerometers used in HUMS typically have specialized requirements for performance, reliability, and packaging, depending on the particular aircraft and standards involved.


  • Accelerometers tailored for mechanical diagnostics and rotor track & balance
  • Case isolated to reduce EMI & ground loop interference
  • ICP® & charge output operations
  • Can be qualified to RTCA/DO-160 & MIL-STD-810


  • Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Rotor Track & Balance (RTB)
  • Engine Vibration Monitoring (EVM) Systems