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Miniature Quartz Force Sensors

Often the test engineer will try to take low level measurements with a sensors not rated for these low levels. Due to insufficient sensitivity the resulting data may be noisy, hard to analyze or unusable.

Using the appropriately sized and ranged PCB Miniature Quartz Force Sensor solves the problem and gives reliable data at a Low Amplitude level. The miniature sensor configuration permits low-amplitude, dynamic compression, tension, and impact force measurements.


  • High sensitivity
  • Tension/compression models
  • High resonant frequency

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Model 209C11

  • (Compression)2.2 lb
  • (Compression)0.00979 kN
  • (±15%)2200 mV/lb
  • (±15%)494604 mV/kN
  • (-5%)0.5 Hz
  • (-5%)0.5 Hz
  • 30000 Hz
  • 30000 Hz
  • -65 to +250 °F
  • -54 to +121 °C
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