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Model: 5308D-02A

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PCB L&T TORKDISC® System, 16-bit telemetry system, 20k in-lb/1,667 ft-lb(2.26 kN-m) rated capacity, 200% static overload protection, 10,000 RPM Max., steel alloy

TORKDISC® System comes complete with receiver unit, 24 foot cable, and 12 VDC power supply.

  • Measurement Range: 20000 in-lb (2260 Nm)
  • Temperature Range: +32 to +185 °F (0 to +85 °C)
  • Torsional Stiffness: 67000 kin-lb/radian (7570 kN-m/radian)
  • Overload Limit: 35000 in-lb (3955 Nm)
  • Housing Material: Steel Alloy
  • Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)

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Measurement Range (Full Scale Capacity)20000 in-lb2260 Nm 
Accuracy±0.10 % FS±0.10 % FS[4] 
Frequency Range (-3 dB)0 to 8500 Hz0 to 8500 Hz 
Filter Type (High Pass)2-pole Butterworth2-pole Butterworth[5][6] 
Filter Type (Low Pass - Anti Alias)8-pole Elliptical8-pole Elliptical 
Voltage Output (channel A - AC coupled)±10 V±10 V 
Voltage Output (channel B - DC coupled)±10 V±10 V 
Gain (Channel A)1-16 dB1-16 dB 
Gain (Channel B)0.3-1.3 dB0.3-1.3 dB 
Digital OutputQSPIQSPI[1] 
Maximum Load (Axial)2700 lb12.0 kN[2][3] 
Maximum Load (Lateral)3375 lb15.0 kN[2][3] 
Maximum Moment9500 in-lb1073 Nm[2][3] 
Overload Limit (Bolt Joint Slip)35000 in-lb3955 Nm[7] 
Overload Limit (Failure)80000 in-lb9039 Nm 
Overload Limit (Safe)60000 in-lb6779 Nm 
Temperature Range (Rotor/Stator - Operating)+32 to +185 °F0 to +85 °C 
Temperature Range (Rotor - Compensated)+70 to +170 °F+21 to +77 °C 
Temperature Range (Receiver - Operating)0 to +122 °F-17.7 to 50 °C 
Temperature Effect on Output (System - within compensated range)0.002 %FS/°F0.0036 %FS/°C 
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance (System - within compensated range)0.002 %FS/°F0.0036 %FS/°C 
Position Sensitivity (180° rotation of sensor)≤0.1 % FS≤0.1 % FS 
Power Required9 to 18 VDC9 to 18 VDC[8] 
Digital Resolution16 Bit16 Bit 
Digital Sample Rate26484 samples/sec26484 samples/sec 
Analog Resolution (based on ±10 V FSO and 16-bit resolution)0.31 mV0.31 mV 
Maximum Speed10000 RPM10000 RPM 
Permissible Axial Float (rotor to stator)0.25 in6.4 mm 
Permissible Radial Float (rotor to stator)0.25 in6.4 mm 
Rotating Inertia (without adaptors)0.24 in-lb/sec20.027 N-m/sec2 
Dynamic Balanceper ISO G 2.5 per ISO G 2.5  
Torsional Stiffness67000 kin-lb/radian7570 kN-m/radian 
Torsional Angle (at Full Scale Capacity)0.017 °0.017 ° 
Housing Material (Sensor)Steel AlloySteel Alloy 
Weight (rotor/sensor)10 lb4.5 kg 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] Request Technical Note FTQ-STN5 regarding digital output signal.
[2] Extraneous load limits reflect the maximum axial load, lateral load, and bending moment that may be applied singularly without electrical or mechanical damage to the sensor.
[3] Where combined extraneous loads are applied, decrease loads proportionally.
[4] Root sum square of non-linearity, hysteresis, and non repeatability.
[5] Selectable High Pass cutoff frequencies of 5, 10, 20, 200 and 500 Hz.
[6] Selectable Low Pass cutoff frequencies of 10,000, 5000, 2500, 1200, 625 and 313 Hz.
[7] Bolt joint slip torque is calculated assuming a coefficient of friction (µ) of 0.1 and that grade 8 socket head cap screws are used and tightened to 75% of yield.
[8] Supplied with universal AC power adaptor.
M0003978Power supply(1)
Optional Versions:
No optional versions