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Series 117B Charge Mode Conformal Ballistic Sensors


  • Proven long life
  • Outlasts life of many barrels
  • SAAMI “standard” test method
  • Allows rapid-fire testing
  • No drilled cases or recessed passages
  • Cost effective

Conformal ballistic sensors measure true gun chamber pressure directly through the cartridge case. The diaphragm of the conformal sensor is contoured to match a specific chamber diameter. An alignment guide and spacers help the user to install the sensor flush with the gun chamber walls.

The conformal ballistic sensor, when correctly installed, has a proven life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of rounds, outlasting many test barrels. Rapid-fire testing is possible since there are no cartridges to drill and align, no diaphragm ablatives to apply, and no gas passages to clean. The conformal sensor does not affect operation of the test barrel, nor change the measurement process.

Developed in cooperation with members of SAAMI to provide an accurate rapid-fire electronic production test method to replace the mechanical “copper crusher,” the conformal sensor has experienced 20 years of proven performance.

Conformal calibration through an unfired, unmodified empty cartridge shell case with PCB® Series 090B Calibration Adaptor accounts for the effects of the cartridge case. Output from the conformal sensor is compatible with any charge amplifier. The PCB® Model 443A53 Digital Peak Holding System with a charge amplifier and auto-reset peak meter facilitates rapid-fire testing of production ammunition.

The two machined flats near the connector end, an alignment guide, and a captive retaining nut facilitate installation. The nut automatically extracts the sensor when it is unscrewed. Series 090B Calibration Adaptor permits static calibration of the Model 117B Sensor, with pressures to be applied to the empty cartridge case. Spacer set is supplied to facilitate flush installation of the sensor. ontact our product and application experts to discuss your specific requirements.

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