Technical Information

Basic Definitions


Understanding Current Output Signals- RMS, Peak and True Peak

Learn about the electronics process necessary to convert raw vibration signal to a current output signal.

Sensors with Integral Softline Cable

Learn about the construction and applications of integral softline cables.

Powering ICP® Accelerometers

Learn more about the IMI Sensor's offering of signal conditioners.

Driving Long Cables

Learn how to balance the need for long cables with the need for high frequency measurements.

Calibration of Industrial Accelerometers

Learn about the importance of calibration for accurate measurements and the calibration process.

Selecting Accelerometers

IMI Sensors has your sensor, no matter the application requirement!

Troubleshooting Using Bias Voltage

Ensure your sensor is receiving power by measuring the DC output voltage.

Model 685B "Fully Loaded" Vibration Switch

Covers all the bases in critical machinery vibration protection.

Fastener Basics

Learn the Theory Behind Fastener Assembly and Testing Systems