Ground testing is mandatory for a new aircraft design or an aircraft that has undergone significant structural modification. Ground testing encompasses flight loads simulation, material static and fatigue, structural dynamics, modal analysis, airborne and structure borne acoustics and more. We categorize our products into four Ground Test application/product areas:

  • GVT (Ground Vibration Testing) - TEDS Accelerometers, cables, patch panels and signal conditional for modal analysis response measurements. Shakers, Modally Tuned® Impulse hammers, TEDS Dynamic Force Sensors and Impedance Heads for structural excitation.
  • Static and Fatigue Testing – Dual Bridge Load Cells offer redundancy and the ability to provide control feedback from one sensor while the other is used for data acquisition.
  • Reliability and Functional Testing - A great deal of aerospace ground testing involves exposing systems to realistic loading and environmental testing conditions. Environmental testing sensors for pyroshock, cryogenic fuel and rocket motor pressure, high temperature vibration, and torque may all be found here on our Environmental Test website.
  • Acoustic Testing and Certification – Noise sources are measured with a large variety of prepolarized, externally polarized, array and specialty microphones, and are complemented by an assortment of preamplifiers, signal conditioners, calibrators, and accessories like mounting stands a nose cones.