Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) is a general reliability testing term used to define the practice of exposing primarily electro-mechanical devices and delicate flight hardware to environmental stresses in an attempt to create failures and expose defects. At PCB®, we have environmental test sensors to measure vibration, shock, pressure, force, and torque on test articles from aerospace hydraulic pumps and gas turbine engines, to rocket motors and their satellite payloads. Example applications are summarized below, but for the best possible solution, please contact our 24 hour SensorLine℠ for a discussion with one of our application engineers.

  • HALT/HASS ICP® Accelerometers with Excellent Thermal Stability for thermal chambers
  • Filtered Accelerometers for high random vibration and shaker shock
  • ICP® & MEMS Piezoresistive High-G Accelerometers for Pyroshock
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for space applications & vacuum chambers
  • High temperature Accelerometers and Pressure sensors for propulsion testing
  • Cryogenic ICP® Accelerometers and pressure sensors for cryo fuel system testing
  • Force Limited Vibration Testing Systems for satellite ground vibration testing
  • High Intensity Acoustic ICP® Pressure Sensors and microphones for rocket launch acoustics
  • Torque Sensors for aerospace pump durability testing