Sensors and Shakers for Ground Vibration Testing

GVT (Ground Vibration Testing) uses TEDS ICP® accelerometers, cables, patch panels, and signal conditioners for modal analysis response measurements. Shakers and Modally Tuned® Impulse hammers are utilized for structural excitation during these tests. TEDS Dynamic Force Sensors, Accelerometers, and Impedance Heads measure the input forces placed on the structure.

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Accelerometer Highlights

  • High output piezoceramic sensing element for strong output signal
  • Lightweight casing materials to minimize mass loading effects
  • Available in a variety of packages, mounting and cable options

Impact Hammer Highlights

  • Modally Tuned® to provide more consistent results
  • Variety of hammers to suit any size test object
  • Assortment of tips offer frequency tailored impulse