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PCB launches new Triaxial Shock “Pyromid”

ICP Mechanically Isolated, Electrically Filtered Triaxial Shock Accelerometers

June 2019, Depew, NY – PCB Piezotronics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), today announced a new triaxial shock accelerometer that can be severely over-ranged without damage.  Piezoelectric ICP accelerometers afford a very high signal output (+/- 5 volts full scale) and the ease of two-wire electrical connectivity. The addition of internal mechanical isolation minimizes the high frequency stress that would otherwise be encountered by unisolated accelerometers.

Mechanical isolation, coupled with an internal 2-pole electrical filter built into the ICP circuitry, tailors the overall accelerometer response to assure data quality to frequencies as high as 10 kHz. This sensor is currently available in 10kg [Model 350B43] and 5kg ranges [Model 350B44], with 50kg and 100kg range models coming soon.


This design is an improvement over the previous released 350A43 and features a lower mass, and a center of gravity close to the thru-hole mounting point. This new design eliminates the need for single-axis shock accelerometers mounted on a triax block 

Sample topics include:

  • Nearfield and far-field pyroshock
  •  Shaker shock
  • Explosive bolts and stage separation
  • Pile driver monitoring
  • Body armor and helmet testing
  • High-shock metal-to-metal impact

About PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of microphones, vibration, pressure, force, torque, load, and strain sensors, as well as the pioneer of ICP technology used by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals worldwide for test, measurement, monitoring, and control requirements in automotive, aerospace, industrial, R&D, military, educational, commercial, OEM applications, and more. With a worldwide customer support team, 24-hour SensorLine, and a global distribution network, PCB is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. Visit for more information. PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation. Additional information on MTS can be found at