Model : 003 | Standard Low Noise Coaxial Cable

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Low-noise coaxial cable, blue TFE jacket (price per foot)

  • Cable Style: Coaxial - Low Noise
  • Number of Conductors: 1
  • Cable Jacket Material: TFE
  • Temperature Range: -320 to +500 °F (-196 to +260 °C)



Ruggedized 002 coaxial cable with tin-plated copper braid & heat shrink tubing (price per foot)

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General purpose coaxial cable, white FEP jacket (price per foot)

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Very high temperature low noise PFA cable, 2-conductor, twisted pair, shielded

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English: SI:
Number of Conductors 1 1
Cable Style Coaxial - Low Noise Coaxial - Low Noise
Temperature Range -320 to +500 °F -196 to +260 °C
Pull Strength 75 lb 330 N [1]
Impedance (±2 Ohm) 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
Capacitance (±2 pF/ft) 30 pF/ft 99 pF/m
Insulation Resistance (@ 50 V @ 68 F) >1 Tohm >1 Tohm
Noise Level (pk - pk) ≤3 mV ≤3 mV
Cable Jacket Diameter .079 in 2.01 mm [1]
Cable Jacket Material TFE TFE
Cable Jacket Color Blue Blue
Conductor Style Solid Solid
Conductor Material Nickel Plated Copper Covered Steel Nickel Plated Copper Covered Steel
Conductor Diameter (29 AWG) .011 in .279 mm
Insulation Material Over Conductor(s) Extruded TFE Extruded TFE
Shield Type Over Conductor(s) Braid: 90% Minimum Coverage Braid: 90% Minimum Coverage
Shield Material Over Conductor(s) Nickel Plated Wire Nickel Plated Wire
Low Noise Barrier Material (Over Conductor) Liquid Graphite Liquid Graphite
Low Noise Barrier Material (Over Insulator) Graphite Impregnated PTFE Tape Graphite Impregnated PTFE Tape
Bend Radius (minimum) 1 in 25.4 mm
Weight .1 oz/ft 9.5 gm/m [1]
* All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified

Specification Notes

[1] Typical.

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