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8-pin mini din connector (mates to bridge inputs on 482c27, wired for single-ended mems sensors 3711 series)
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8-pin mini DIN connector (mates to bridge inputs on 482C27, wired for single-ended MEMS sensors 3711 Series)

  • Connector Style: Circular
  • Connection Type: 8-socket
  • Temperature Range: -13 to +176 °F ( -25 to +80 °C)



Triple splice assembly with (3) 1-ft 4-cond. cables each with a mini 8-pin DIN (LT connector for 3713 Series)

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4-conductor, 30 awg (7/38), twisted bundle, shielded, FEP cable (price per foot)

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4-conductor, 34 awg, twisted bundle, low noise, shielded, lightweight FEP cable (price per foot)

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English: SI:
Connector Style Circular Circular
Connection Type 8-socket 8-socket
Coupling Method (Keyed) Snap-on Snap-on
Strain Relief Crimp Crimp
Temperature Range -13 to +176 °F -25 to +80 °C
Insulation Resistance (@250V DC ) ≥50 MOhm ≥50 MOhm
Electrical Connections (Contact 1) Neg (-) Signal Neg (-) Signal
Electrical Connections (Contact 2) Pos (+) Signal Pos (+) Signal
Electrical Connections (Contact 3) Shorted to Pin 6 Shorted to Pin 6
Electrical Connections (Contact 4) No Connection No Connection
Electrical Connections (Contact 5) Pos (+) Excitation Pos (+) Excitation
Electrical Connections (Contact 6) Neg (-) Excitation Neg (-) Excitation
Electrical Connections (Contact 7) Shorted to Pin 1 Shorted to Pin 1
Electrical Connections (Contact 8) Shorted to Pin 5 Shorted to Pin 5
Electrical Connections (Shell) Shield Shield
ROHS Compliant Optional Optional
Housing Material Plastic Plastic
Size - OD 0.352+/-.006 in 8.95 mm
Size - Length 1.969+/-.031 in 50.0+/-0.8 mm
Size - Height 0.512+/-.010 in 13.0 mm
* All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified

Specification Notes