482C15 - Platinum Stock Product; 4-channel, Line-powered, ICP® sensor signal cond., Internal jumper selectable gain x1, x10, x100
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Model: 482C15

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Platinum Stock Product; 4-channel, Line-powered, ICP® sensor signal cond., Internal jumper selectable gain x1, x10, x100

  • DC Power: <0.25 Amps

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Channels4 4  
Sensor Input Type(s)ICP®, VoltageICP®, Voltage[1] 
Voltage Gain (±1 %) (at 500 Hz)x1, x10, x100x1, x10, x100[1] 
Output Range (Maximum)±10 V±10 V 
Low Frequency Response (-5 %)<0.05 Hz<0.05 Hz[2][3] 
High Frequency Response (-3 dB) (x100)>50000 Hz>50000 Hz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (x100)>17 kHz>17 kHz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (x1)>100 kHz>100 kHz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (x10)>40 kHz>40 kHz 
High Frequency Response (-3 dB) (x1,x10)>100 kHz>100 kHz 
Phase Response (at 1 kHz)±1 °±1 ° 
Cross Talk (maximum)-72 dB-72 dB 
Fault/Bias Monitor/Meter (LED)Open/Short/OverloadOpen/Short/Overload 
Temperature Range (Operating)+32 to +120 °F0 to +50 °C 
Power Required (for supplied AC power adaptor)AC PowerAC Power 
Power Required (direct input to unit)DC PowerDC Power 
AC Power (47 to 63 Hz)100 to 240 VAC100 to 240 VAC 
AC Power≤0.7 Amps≤0.7 Amps 
DC Power<0.25 Amps<0.25 Amps 
DC Power+32 to 38 VDC+32 to 38 VDC 
Excitation Voltage (±1 VDC) (To Sensor)+26 VDC+26 VDC 
DC Offset<20 mV<20 mV 
Constant Current Excitation (To Sensor)0 to 20 mA0 to 20 mA[5] 
Discharge Time Constant (0 to 50 %)>7 sec>7 sec[3] 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x1)5.6 µV rms5.6 µV rms[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)0.67 µV/√Hz0.67 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)0.10 µV/√Hz0.10 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)0.06 µV/√Hz0.06 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)0.06 µV/√Hz0.06 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)0.05 µV/√Hz0.05 µV/√Hz[4] 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x10)21 µV/rms21 µV/rms[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)5.10 µV/√Hz5.10 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)0.60 µV/√Hz0.60 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)0.22 µV/√Hz0.22 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)0.22 µV/√Hz0.22 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)0.19 µV/√Hz0.19 µV/√Hz[4] 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x100)165 µV/rms165 µV/rms[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)57 µV/√Hz57 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)5.2 µV/√Hz5.2 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)1.7 µV/√Hz1.7 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)1.8 µV/√Hz1.8 µV/√Hz[4] 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)1.4 µV/√Hz1.4 µV/√Hz[4] 
Overload Threshold (±1.0 Vpk)±10/5 Vpk±10/5 Vpk[1] 
Electrical Connector (ICP® Sensor Input)BNC JackBNC Jack 
Electrical Connector (Output)BNC JackBNC Jack 
Electrical Connector (DC Power Input)5-socket DIN (female)5-socket DIN (female) 
Size - Height3.2 in8.1 cm 
Size - Width8.0 in20 cm 
Size - Depth5.9 in15 cm 
Weight1.25 lb567 gm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] Jumper selectable on internal circuit board.
[2] The low frequency tolerance is accurate within ±25% of the specified frequency.
[3] Un-buffered output, read out device input impedance affects discharge time constant and low frequency response of unit.
[4] Typical.
[5] User adjustable, factory set at 4 mA (± 0.5 mA). One control adjusts all channels.
[6] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS024 for details.
017AXXPower Cord(1)
488B04/NCPower Convertor(1)
Optional Versions:
No optional versions
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