Model: 2060E

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Modal Shaker, 267 N (60 lbf) pk sine force, 36 mm (1.4") pk-pk stroke, with adjustable collet stinger attachment and through-hole armature design, includes 2000X03 accessory kit and trunnion mounting base.

  • Sine Force: 30 lbf pk (133 N pk)
  • Sine Force: 60 N pk (267 N pk)
  • Maximum Displacement: 1.4 in (36 mm)
  • Frequency Range: DC-6000 Hz
  • Shaker Weight: 37 lb (17 kg)

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Sine Force (Natural Air Cooling)30 lbf pk133 N pk 
Sine Force (With Forced Air Cooling)60 N pk267 N pk 
Maximum Displacement (Continuous pk-pk)1.4 in36 mm 
Maximum Displacement (Between Stops)1.45 in37 mm 
Frequency RangeDC-6000 HzDC-6000 Hz[1] 
Fundamental Resonance>4000 Hz>4000 Hz[1] 
Maximum Velocity120 ips pk3.05 m/s pk 
Acceleration (Bare Table)100 g pk100 g pk[1][2] 
Acceleration (1 lb (0.454 kg) load)38 g pk38 g pk[1][2] 
Acceleration (5 lb (2.27 kg) load)11 g pk11 g pk[1][2] 
Maximum Acceleration at Resonance200 g pk200 g pk 
Armature Weight.6 lb.272 kg 
Suspension Stiffness20 lbf-in3.5 N/mm 
Rated Drive Current (Natural Cooling)9 A rms9 A rms 
Rated Drive Current (With Cooling Vacuum)18 A rms18 A rms 
Stray Magnetic Field (1.5 From Table)<15 Gauss<15 Gauss 
Stray Magnetic Field (1.0 From Body)<20 Gauss<20 Gauss 
Cooling Air100 cfm/15 in H₂O100 cfm/15 in H₂O 
Size - Height10.75 in273 mm 
Size - Width12.56 in319 mm 
Size - Depth6.5 in165 mm 
Shaker Weight37 lb17 kg 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


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[1] Load Dependent
[2] Please see systems ratings for additional specs
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