Today’s competitive electronics market requires advanced product validation, optimized designs, zero defects, and ever faster time to market. Supporting this, PCB Piezotronics provides Acoustic and Vibration sensors to many of the largest global consumer electronics manufacturers. New and customized sensors for Acoustics and Vibration are continually rolling out with ever smaller size and increasing levels of performance. New PCB® accelerometers continue to reach higher shock levels and new microphone models are being customized for unique applications requiring low noise floor levels, improved total harmonic distortion, and challenging environmental conditions.

Acoustic Measurement

Acoustic testing is becoming increasingly popular for research and design, product component verification, and end of line testing for electrical components and consumer goods. PCB’s 378B02 is a staple for many of the top names in appliances and white goods testing for sound power, sound intensity and sound pressure level measurements. PCB carries a variety of microphone and acoustic products to choose from including a 0V Prepolarized microphone and preamplifier system powered by ICP® 2-20 mA constant current supply (interchangeable with accelerometer power and cable set-ups), externally polarized 200V systems, and 48V phantom powered systems for the Audio market. From computer disk drives that require extreme low noise testing with PCB’s model 378A04, to loudspeakers, headphones and earbuds that require high amplitudes with minimal 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) levels of the 376A33, you can be sure that we have the test and measurement acoustic sensor tailored for your application.

Shock & Fatigue

MIL & ISO testing standards provide a structured approach for testing to verify survivability under extreme operating conditions and to precipitate incipient failures so they are never experienced by an end-user. Shock tests subject assemblies to acceleration loads generated via measured drop or mass impact. Fatigue tests typically subject assemblies to specific vibration profiles with the goal of stressing mechanical components to failure. The addition of random vibration and thermal cycling takes testing to the next level in highly accelerated testing (HALT / HASS). Single axis models for shock reach measurement ranges to 20,000 g and triaxial models for fatigue reach 1,000 g, both with high frequency ranges.

When you need rapid data on product performance and survivability, rely on the product robustness you demand, unbeatable value, 24/7 support, best warranty, and fast shipment. If what you need is not listed in the Acoustics Catalog or R&D Brochure, please contact us for a customized solution.

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