Sensors from PCB Piezotronics are used by some of the largest white goods manufacturers in the world including several who manufacture power hand tools, large and small household appliances and heating and air conditioning systems.

When you need precision microphones or accelerometers for product tests, get the performance you demand, unbeatable prices, 24/7 support, best warranty, and fast shipment. Typical testing applications include:

  • pinpointing vibration sources
  • product life cycle testing
  • sound power
  • sound quality
  • noise source location

A full range of 1/2” and 1/4” precision microphones, array style microphones as well as specialty microphones such as the surface and probe microphones are specifically designed to help you with your challenging acoustic measurements. A wide selection of accelerometer families include miniature and general purpose, triaxis and single axis models.

Microphones most frequently used for white goods and appliance testing are:

  • 1/2” free-field microphone and preamplifier system, model 378B02 with TEDS
  • 1/2” low noise free-field microphone and preamplifier system
  • 1/4” array microphone, models 130A23, 130A24, 130F20, 130F21, and 130F22 all with TEDS

Accelerometers commonly used for appliance testing include:

  • Miniature, ceramic shear ICP® triaxial accelerometer, model 356A03
  • Triaxial ICP® accelerometer, model 356B21
  • Quartz shear ICP® accelerometer, model 320C20

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