Consumer Product Acoustic Testing with PCB® Microphones

PCB’s acoustic products are used by manufacturers of power tools, audio equipment, and a wide array of consumer electronics. They choose PCB microphones because we have the right microphone for the job and our outstanding product quality, performance and unsurpassed service and competitively priced products.

Whether you are taking general sound measurements, performing sound power testing or doing noise source location testing we have cost-effective, acoustic sensors that will help accurately capture the measurement data you need…the first time, every time.

A full range of 1/2” and 1/4” precision microphones, array style microphones as well as specialty microphones such as the surface and probe microphones are specifically designed for your challenging acoustic measurements. Microphones most frequently use for consumer product testing are:

  • 1/2” Free-field microphone and preamplifier system, model 378B02 with TEDS
  • 1/4” Array microphone, models 130A23, 130F20, 130F21 and 130F22 all with TEDS