Model: 685B0001C14

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Electronic vibration switch, internal ICP®, 0-1.5 ips, AC powered,10A form C relays, Class 1 Div 1, groups B,C,D, dual 1/2" NPT conn.

This model is a pre-configured stock version of Model 685BXX.  For the full 685BXX configuration options, reference the configuration table on pages 18-19 of the Product Manual, which is available under the Manual tab.

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 1.5 in/sec pk (0 to 38.1 mm/s pk)
  • Cable Input: Dual 1/2 in. NPT Conduit Hubs
  • Relay: 10A/245 VAC or 5A/30 VDC
  • Power Required: 85-245 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Connector: Screw Terminals

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Measurement Range0 to 1.5 in/sec pk0 to 38.1 mm/s pk 
Frequency Range (±3 dB)120 to 60000 cpm2 to 1000 Hz[1] 
Power On Delay20 sec20 sec[2] 
Relay (Alert)10A/245 VAC or 5A/30 VDC10A/245 VAC or 5A/30 VDC 
Relay (Alarm)10A/245 VAC or 5A/30 VDC10A/245 VAC or 5A/30 VDC 
Relay(Contacts)Latching / Non-LatchingLatching / Non-Latching 
Relay(Contacts)Normally Open / ClosedNormally Open / Closed 
Alarm Setpoint10 to 100% of Vibration Range10 to 100% of Vibration Range 
Alert Setpoint10 to 100% of Alarm Setpoint10 to 100% of Alarm Setpoint 
Delay (Alert)0 to 45 sec0 to 45 sec 
Delay (Alarm)0 to 45 sec0 to 45 sec 
Acceleration Output (±10 %)100 mV/g10.2 mV/(m/s²) 
Control Interface
Power LEDGreenGreen 
Alarm LEDRedRed 
Alert LEDYellowYellow 
Time Delay AdjustmentSingle Turn PotentiometerSingle Turn Potentiometer 
Reset FunctionMomentary Pushbutton SwitchMomentary Pushbutton Switch[3] 
Self Test FunctionMomentary Pushbutton SwitchMomentary Pushbutton Switch 
Temperature Range (Operating)-13 to 158 °F-25 to 70 °C 
Temperature Range (Storage)-40 to 257 °F-40 to 125 °C 
Enclosure RatingNema 4XIP66 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass I Div 1 Groups B, C, DClass I Div 1 Groups B, C, D 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass II Div 1 Groups E, F, GClass II Div 1 Groups E, F, G 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass IIIClass III 
Power Required85-245 VAC 50/60 Hz85-245 VAC 50/60 Hz 
Current Consumption<150 mA<150 mA 
Output Current4 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA[4] 
External Calibration Input4 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA[5] 
Size - Width4.48 in114 mm 
Size - Height4.58 in116 mm 
Size - Depth4.48 in114 mm 
Weight4 lb1.8 kg 
Mounting Torque (Base)2 to 5 ft-lb3 to 7 Nm 
Sensing Element (Internal)100 mV/g ICP" Accelerometer100 mV/g ICP" Accelerometer 
Housing MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy 
Electrical ConnectorScrew TerminalsScrew Terminals 
EnclosureInternal and Remote ResetInternal and Remote Reset 
Screw Terminal Wire Size24-14 AWG0.2 - 2.5 mm² 
Cable InputDual 1/2 in. NPT Conduit HubsDual 1/2 in. NPT Conduit Hubs 
Mounting Hole Size0.31 in7.8 mm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] To obtain 60000 cpm (1000 Hz) frequency response, grease must be applied to all mechanical couplings. Otherwise, frequency response is limited to approximately 30000 cpm (500 Hz)
[2] Factory Set
[3] Reset can also be engaged via external connection to common
[4] Current will fluctuate at frequencies below 5 Hz.
[5] Active only during calibration mode
[6] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS051 for details.
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