Model: TLD333B40

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Modal array, ceramic shear ICP® accel, 500 mV/g, 0.5 to 3k Hz, 10-32 side conn., stud mount, TEDS 1.0

  • Sensitivity: (±10%) 500 mV/g (51.0 mV/(m/s²))
  • Measurement Range: ±10 g pk (±98 m/s² pk)
  • Broadband Resolution: 0.00005 g rms (0.0005 m/s² rms)
  • Frequency Range: (±5%) 0.5 to 3000 Hz
  • Sensing Element: Ceramic
  • Weight: 0.26 oz (7.5 gm)

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Sensitivity (±10 %)500 mV/g51.0 mV/(m/s²) 
Measurement Range±10 g pk±98 m/s² pk 
Frequency Range (±5 %)0.5 to 3000 Hz0.5 to 3000 Hz 
Resonant Frequency≥20 kHz≥20 kHz 
Phase Response (±5 °)2 to 3000 Hz2 to 3000 Hz 
Broadband Resolution (1 to 10000 Hz)0.00005 g rms0.0005 m/s² rms[2] 
Non-Linearity≤1 %≤1 %[1] 
Transverse Sensitivity≤5 %≤5 %[3] 
Overload Limit±5000 g pk±49000 m/s² pk 
Temperature Range0 to +150 °F-18 to +66 °C 
Temperature ResponseSee Graph %/°FSee Graph %/°F[2] 
Base Strain Sensitivity0.01 g/µε0.1 (m/s²)/µε[2] 
Excitation Voltage18 to 30 VDC18 to 30 VDC 
Constant Current Excitation2 to 20 mA2 to 20 mA 
Output Impedance≤200 Ohm≤200 Ohm 
Output Bias Voltage7 to 12 VDC7 to 12 VDC 
Discharge Time Constant1.0 to 2.5 sec1.0 to 2.5 sec 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)3.8 µg/√Hz37 (µm/sec2)/√Hz[2] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)1.1 µg/√Hz11 (µm/sec2)/√Hz[2] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)0.4 µg/√Hz3.9 (µm/sec2)/√Hz[2] 
Weight0.26 oz7.5 gm[2] 
Sensing ElementCeramicCeramic 
Sensing GeometryShearShear 
Housing MaterialTitaniumTitanium 
Size - Length0.68 in17.3 mm 
Size - Width0.45 in11.4 mm 
Electrical Connector10-32 Coaxial Jack10-32 Coaxial Jack 
Electrical Connection PositionSideSide 
Mounting Thread5-40 Female5-40 Female 
Mounting Torque4 to 5 in-lb45 to 56 N-cm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method.
[2] Typical.
[3] Transverse sensitivity is typically <= 3%.
[4] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023 for details.
080A109Petro Wax(1)
080A25Adhesive base, 0.438" hex, 5-40 tapped hole, aluminum hardcoat.(1)
080A90Quick Bonding Gel(1)
081A27Mounting Stud (5-40 to 5-40)(1)
ACS-1NIST traceable frequency response (10 Hz to upper 5% point).(1)
M081A27Metric mounting stud, 5-40 to M3 x 0.50 long(1)
Optional Versions:
(T) TEDS Capable of Digital Memory and Communication Compliant with IEEE P1451.4
    Output Bias Voltage7.5 to 13 VDC
(TLA) TEDS LMS International - Free Format
    Output Bias Voltage7.5 to 13 VDC
(TLB) TEDS LMS International - Automotive Format
    Output Bias Voltage7.5 to 13 VDC
(TLC) TEDS LMS International - Aeronautical Format
    Output Bias Voltage7.5 to 13 VDC
(TLD) TEDS Capable of Digital Memory and Communication Compliant with IEEE 1451.4
    Output Bias Voltage7.5 to 13 VDC
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