Model: EX171M01

$1,255.00 USD
(Pricing valid in US only)

High Sensitivity Pressure Sensor, 1100 pC/psi, 10 psi range, 2-Pin connector, 1-1/8"-12 UNF-2A port, hazardous area approved

  • Measurement Range: 10 psi (68.9 kPa)
  • Sensitivity: (±30%) 1200 pC/psi (174 pC/kPa)
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 500 °F (-18 to 260 °C)
  • Electrical Connector: 2-Pin MIL-C-5015 (2-Pin MIL-C-5015)
  • Weight: 6.5 oz (185 gm)

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Sensitivity (±30 %)1200 pC/psi174 pC/kPa 
Measurement Range10 psi68.9 kPa 
Maximum Pressure (static)600 psi4136 kPa 
Resonant Frequency≥25 kHz≥25 kHz 
Rise Time (Reflected)≤10 µ sec≤10 µ sec 
Non-Linearity≤1.0 % FS≤1.0 % FS[1] 
Acceleration Sensitivity<0.01 psi/g<0.007 kPa/(m/s²) 
Temperature Range (Operating)0 to 500 °F-18 to 260 °C 
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity≤0.08 %/°F≤0.144 %/°C 
Maximum Shock1000 g pk1000 g pk 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia IIC T6 Ga (Tamb ≤80°C)Ex ia IIC T6 Ga (Tamb ≤80°C)[2][3] 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia IIC T5 Ga (Tamb ≤95°C)Ex ia IIC T5 Ga (Tamb ≤95°C)[2][3] 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia IIC T4 Ga (Tamb ≤130°C)Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Tamb ≤130°C)[2][3] 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia IIC T3 Ga (Tamb ≤190°C)Ex ia IIC T3 Ga (Tamb ≤190°C)[2][3] 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia IIC T2 Ga (Tamb ≤260°C)Ex ia IIC T2 Ga (Tamb ≤260°C)[2][3] 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx nA IIC T2 Gc (Tamb ≤260°C)Ex nA IIC T2 Gc (Tamb ≤260°C)[2][3] 
Output PolarityDifferentialDifferential 
Capacitance12000 pF12000 pF[4] 
Electrical Isolation≥100000000 Ohm≥100000000 Ohm 
Internal Resistance (room temp)≥1 GOhm≥1 GOhm 
Internal Resistance (@500F)≥500 kohm≥500 kohm 
Sensing GeometryCompressionCompression 
Housing Material316L Stainless Steel316L Stainless Steel 
Diaphragm316L Stainless Steel316L Stainless Steel 
SealingWelded HermeticWelded Hermetic 
Electrical Connector2-Pin MIL-C-5015 2-Pin MIL-C-5015  
Weight6.5 oz185 gm[4] 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method.
[2] ATEX
[3] IECEx
[4] Typical.
[5] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS132 for details.
31061-01SEAL, 1.370" OD x 1.130" ID x.030", BRASS(2)
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