Model: 699A07

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Portable Vibration Calibrator with Sensitivity Display - Includes on-board ICP® & Voltage input, adjustable frequency range (5 Hz-10 kHz) and amplitude. LCD displays English or metric units, with on-board memory, USB flash drive data storage.

  • Frequency Range: 5 to 10000 Hz (300 to 600000 cpm)
  • Maximum Load: 800 gm
  • Maximum Amplitude: 20 g pk (196 m/s^2 pk)
  • Maximum Amplitude: 15 in/sec pk (380 mm/s pk)
  • Maximum Amplitude: 50 mils pk-pk (1.27 mm pk-pk)

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Maximum Load800 gm800 gm[1] 
Frequency Range (operating, 100 gram payload)5 to 10000 Hz300 to 600000 cpm 
Accuracy (10 Hz to 10 khz)±3 %±3 % 
Accuracy (5 Hz to 10 Hz)±5 %±5 % 
Accuracy (Velocity (10 Hz to 1000 Hz))±3 %±3 % 
Accuracy (Displacement (30 Hz to 150 Hz))±3 %±3 % 
Amplitude Linearity (100 gram payload, 100 Hz)1 %1 %[2] 
Distortion (100 gram payload, 30 Hz to 2 kHz)<5 %<5 %[3] 
Maximum Amplitude (Acc 100 Hz no payload)20 g pk196 m/s^2 pk 
Maximum Amplitude (Vel 100 Hz no payload)15 in/sec pk380 mm/s pk 
Maximum Amplitude (Displ 100 Hz no payload)50 mils pk-pk1.27 mm pk-pk 
Control Interface
Test Sensor InVoltage or ICP®Voltage or ICP®[5] 
Bias Fault Indication (ICP® Sensors)YesYes 
External Source In (Max)1V AC RMS1V AC RMS 
Monitor Reference Out10 mV/g (nominal), Buffered internal reference output10 mV/g (nominal), Buffered internal reference output 
Display Units (Acceleration)g pk & RMSm/s² pk & RMS 
Display Units (Velocity)in/sec pk & RMSmm/sec pk & RMS 
Display Units (Displacement)mils pk-pkum pk-pk 
Display Units (Frequency)HzCPM 
Test Sensor SensitivitymV/EUmV/EU[4] 
Temperature Range (Operating)32 to 122 °F0 to 50 °C 
Power Required (Internal Battery (sealed solid gel lead acid))12 VDC, 4 amp hours12 VDC, 4 amp hours 
Power Required (AC Power (for recharging battery))110-240 V, 50-60 Hz110-240 V, 50-60 Hz 
Battery Life (100 gram payload, 100 Hz 1g pk)18 hours18 hours[6] 
Battery Life (100 gram payload, 100 Hz 10g pk)1 hour1 hour[6] 
StorageUp to 500 calibration recordsUp to 500 calibration records 
Points Per Record30 calibration data points30 calibration data points 
Sensor InformationModel number, serial number, Mounting orientation (x, y, z), user notesModel number, serial number, Mounting orientation (x, y, z), user notes 
Export File FormatCSV (comma-separated values)CSV (comma-separated values) 
USB PortExport to flash drive (FAT 32)Export to flash drive (FAT 32) 
Size - Width12 in30.5 cm 
Size - Depth10 in28 cm 
Size - Height8.5 in22 cm 
Weight18 lb8.2 kg 
Mounting Thread1/4-28 FemaleNo Metric Equivalent 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

Product Notes
[1] Operating range reduced at higher payloads. Reference manual for full details.
[2] Up to 10g pk
[3] Up to 5g pk
[4] EU can be [g], [m/s²], [mm/s], [in/s], [mils] or [um]
[5] 5 mA constant current excitation to ICP® (IEPE) sensor.
[6] As shipped from factory in new condition
600A31Calibration route semi-automation & pass/fail notification(1)
600A33Modulated current sensors power supply and measurement: Test Sensor Sensitivity units of readout are mV/EU, mA/EU or uA/EU, Test Sensor Input/output Voltage, ICP or Modulated current. Includes USB to 24 VDC power supply (600A39).(1)
080A118Mounting pad 1.0" diameter 1/4-28 tapped hole (for stud mounting accelerometers)(1)
081A08Mounting Stud (10-32 to 1/4-28)(1)
081B20Mounting Stud, with shoulder (1/4-28 to 1/4-28)(1)
600A25Power Supply and Plug Adaptors(1)
600A34Mounting Wrench(1)
ICS-41NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration, Metric & English Units(1)
USB DRIVEFlash Drive with Calibration Report Generation Worksheet(1)
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No optional versions
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