Model: 686C01

$430.00 USD
(Pricing valid in US only)


USB programmable electronic vibration switch with 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector, 120 cpm (2 Hz) low frequency

The 686C01 Smart Vibration Switch is a low cost versatile and fully USB Programmable electronic vibration switch that replaces unreliable mechanical vibration switches. It is also a significantly lower cost alternative for many electronic vibration switch applications.

  • Relay: (Type) SPST, Form A or B MOSFET
  • Power Required: 24 to 240 V DC/AC 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Connector: 2-Pin MIL-C-5015

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Alarm Threshold (±10 %)0.25 to 5 in/sec pk4.5 to 90 mm/s rms[1] 
Frequency Range (±3 dB)120 to 60 kcpm2 to 1000 Hz 
Hysteresis (% < Alarm Threshold)3; 6; or 10 %3; 6; or 10 %[1] 
Residual Vibration Level (Reference)Dependent or Independent Dependent or Independent [1] 
Residual Vibration Level (% Alarm Threshold)1 to 40 %1 to 40 %[1] 
MAVT (Sets Alarm Threshold to 2X actual vibration)Enabled or Disabled Enabled or Disabled [1] 
Transverse Sensitivity<7 %<7 % 
Power On Delay (±1 sec)3 or 20 sec3 or 20 sec[1] 
Startup Delay (±1 sec or 1 min ) (Time)1 to 60 sec or 1 to 30 min 1 to 60 sec or 1 to 30 min [1] 
Startup Delay (x Alarm Threshold)x2; x4; x8; Blocked x2; x4; x8; Blocked [1] 
Startup Delay (Active)Enabled or Disabled Enabled or Disabled [1] 
Operational Delay (±1 sec)1 to 60 sec1 to 60 sec[1] 
Relay(Type)SPST, Form A or B MOSFETSPST, Form A or B MOSFET 
Relay(Latching)Latching / Non-LatchingLatching / Non-Latching[1] 
Relay(Contacts)Normally Open / ClosedNormally Open / Closed[1] 
Temperature Range (Operating)-40 to 185 °F-40 to 85 °C 
Temperature Range (Storage)-40 to 257 °F-40 to 125 °C 
Overload Limit (Shock)5000 g pk49050 m/s² pk 
Enclosure RatingIP68IP68 
Power Required24 to 240 V DC/AC 50/60 Hz24 to 240 V DC/AC 50/60 Hz 
Current Rating (Relay Closed)500 mA500 mA 
Leak Current (Relay Open)≤1 mA≤1 mA 
Electrical Isolation (Case)>100000000 Ohm>100000000 Ohm 
Size - Hex1.25 in1.25 in 
Size - Height2.6 in66 mm 
Weight5.2 oz148 gm 
Mounting Torque3 to 5 ft-lb4 to 7 Nm 
Mounting Thread1/4-28 Female1/4-28 Female 
Sensing Element (Internal)Piezoelectric AccelerometerPiezoelectric Accelerometer 
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel 
SealingWelded HermeticWelded Hermetic 
Electrical Connector2-Pin MIL-C-50152-Pin MIL-C-5015 
Electrical Connection PositionTopTop 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] USB Programmable - See configuration sheet supplied with switch for exact setting.
[2] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS096 for details.
081A41Mounting stud 1/4-28 socket head set screw brass tip stainless steel 5/8" long(1)
Optional Versions:
(M) Metric Mount
    M081A61Mounting Stud(1)
Product Documents
Additional Downloads
- NEW Programming Software for Use with 070A100 Dongle (EE225)
 For use with 070A100 dongle to program 686-Series devices. For users that are still using the old 070A85 dongle and software, please contact the factory for a no charge upgrade.