Model: 422E53

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In-line charge converter, 1 mV/pC, +/-5V output, -5% frequency 5 Hz

  • Sensitivity: (±2.5%) 1 mV/pC
  • Output Voltage: ±5.0 V
  • Temperature Range: -65 to +250 °F (-54 to +121 °C)
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel

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Sensitivity (±2.5 %) (Charge Conversion)1 mV/pC1 mV/pC 
Input Range±5000 pC±5000 pC 
Overrange±8 V±8 V 
Low Frequency Response (-5 %)5 Hz5 Hz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %)100 kHz100 kHz[1] 
Non-Linearity1.0 % FS1.0 % FS 
Temperature Range (Operating)-65 to +250 °F-54 to +121 °C 
Maximum Shock5000 g pk49050 m/s² pk 
Maximum Vibration (5 to 2000 Hz)100 g pk981 m/s² pk 
Excitation Voltage18 to 28 VDC18 to 28 VDC 
Output Bias Voltage9 to 13 VDC9 to 13 VDC 
Output Voltage±5.0 V±5.0 V 
Constant Current Excitation2 to 20 mA2 to 20 mA 
Output Impedance100 Ohm100 Ohm 
Maximum Input Voltage40 V40 V 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz)33 µV-90 dB[2] 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)9.8 µV/√Hz-100 dB[2] 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)3 µV/√Hz-110 dB[2] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)0.8 µV/√Hz-122 dB[2] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)0.4 µV/√Hz-128 dB[2] 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)0.2 µV/√Hz-134 dB[2] 
Capacitance (Feedback)1000 pF1000 pF 
Overload Recovery Time10 µsec10 µsec 
Discharge Time Constant>0.1 sec>0.1 sec 
Resistance (Feedback)15000000000 Ohm15000000000 Ohm[3] 
Source Capacitance Loading0.0005 %/pF0.0005 %/pF 
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel 
Electrical Connector (Input)10-32 Coaxial Jack10-32 Coaxial Jack 
Electrical Connector (Output)BNC JackBNC Jack 
Size - Diameter0.52 in13 mm 
Size - Length3.4 in86 mm 
Weight1.15 oz32.7 gm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] High frequency response may be limited by supply current and output cable length.
[2] Tested using voltage source and input capacitor equal to the feedback capacitor, to simulate a charge output sensor.
[3] Effective feedback resistance for time constant is 3 times tested value due to circuitry (i.e 1x10E9 = 3x10E9 ohm)
[4] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS024 for details. A low impendance connection from case to earth ground is required to maintain CE compliance.
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