Model: 394A11

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Vibration calibration standard system, 100 mV/g, 10-32 sensor mtg (CE approved)

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Sensitivity (±0.5 %) (Voltage)100 mV/g10.2 mV/(m/s²)[3] 
Measurement Range (±5V ) (Output)50 ±g pk490 ±m/s² pk 
Frequency Range (±2 %)5 to 5000 Hz5 to 5000 Hz 
Frequency Range (±5 %)0.5 to 10000 Hz0.5 to 10000 Hz 
Frequency Range (±10 %)0.3 to 14000 Hz0.3 to 14000 Hz 
Resonant Frequency (Mounted)≥35 kHz≥35 kHz 
Broadband Resolution (1 Hz to 10 kHz)0.004 g rms0.039 m/s² rms[2] 
Amplitude Linearity≤1 %≤1 %[1] 
Transverse Sensitivity≤3 %≤3 % 
Sensitivity (Base Strain)0.0001 g/µε0.001 (m/s²)/µε 
Warm Up<12.0 sec<12.0 sec 
Temperature Range (Operating)-65 to +250 °F-54 to +121 °C 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)235 (µm/s²)/√Hz2303 [2] 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)55 (µm/s²)/√Hz539 [2] 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)18 (µm/s²)/√Hz176 [2] 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)12 (µm/s²)/√Hz118 [2] 
Sensing ElementQuartz/ShearQuartz/Shear 
Housing MaterialStainless Steel/WeldedStainless Steel/Welded 
Size - Hex1.19 in30.2 mm 
Size - Height1.5 in38.1 mm 
Weight6.2 oz176 gm[2] 
Electrical Connector10-32 Coaxial/Side10-32 Coaxial/Side 
Mounting Thread (Standard)1/4-28 UNF1/4-28 UNF 
Mounting Thread (Unit Under Test)10-32 UNF10-32 UNF 
Mounting Torque20 to 30 in-lb225 to 338 N-cm 
Power (±5% ) (Required)36 VDC 36 VDC [4] 
Size - Height6.3 in16 cm 
Size - Width2.4 in6.1 cm 
Size - Depth11.0 in28 cm 
Weight1.51 lb685 gm[2] 
Cable Connector (Input)BNC Jack/RearBNC Jack/Rear 
Cable Connector (Output)BNC Jack/RearBNC Jack/Rear 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

Product Notes
[1] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method.
[2] Typical.
[3] All sensor specifications are valid only when used with matched power supply.
[4] Provided by 488A04.
003C10Low-noise, blue, coaxial, PTFE cable, 10-ft, 10-32 coaxial plug to BNC plug(1)
003D03Low-noise, blue, coaxial, PTFE cable, 3-ft, BNC plug to BNC plug(1)
017AXXPower Cord(1)
080A149Calibration adaptor, 10-32 to 5-40 (for Model 394A11 calibration standard)(1)
081A08Mounting Stud (10-32 to 1/4-28)(2)
081A90Mounting stud, 10-32 to 5-40(2)
081B05Mounting Stud (10-32 to 10-32)(2)
081B20Mounting Stud, with shoulder (1/4-28 to 1/4-28)(2)
301A11Calibration ICP® accel., 100 mV/g, 50g, 0.5 to 10 kHz, 10-32 side conn., 1/4-28 thd on bottom, 10-32 thd on top(1)
482A231-channel, line-powered, ICP® sensor signal cond., BNC input/output conn. X0.9 to x1.1 gain, (for use in 394A10/394A11 systems)(1)
488B04Power Supply, 100 to 125 VAC or 200 to 250 VAC input, 27 VDC @ 20 mA output.(1)
ACS-1NIST traceable frequency response (10 Hz to upper 5% point).(1)
ACS-10/ACS-4NIST Tracable frequency sweep (0.5 Hz to upper 5% point)(1)
ACS-4Single axis, low frequency phase and amplitude response cal (from 0.5 to 10Hz)(1)
M080A149Mounting adaptor (10-32 to M3 x 0.50)(1)
M081B05Mounting Stud 10-32 to M6 X 0.75(2)
M081B20Mounting Stud 1/4-28 to M6 X 0.75(2)
Optional Versions:
(M) Metric Mount
    Sensitivity (±0.5 )10 mV/(m/s²)98 mV/g
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