3713F1130G - Platinum Stock Products;  Triaxial MEMS DC accelerometer, 45 mV/g, 30 g, 9-pin socket
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Model: 3713F1130G

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Platinum Stock Products; Triaxial MEMS DC accelerometer, 45 mV/g, 30 g, 9-pin socket

  • Sensitivity: (±3%) 45 mV/g (4.59 mV/(m/s²))
  • Measurement Range: ±30 g pk (±294 m/s² pk)
  • Electrical Connector: 9-Pin (9-Pin)
  • Weight: 0.6 oz (17.3 gm)

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Sensitivity (±3 %)45 mV/g4.59 mV/(m/s²)[3] 
Measurement Range±30 g pk±294 m/s² pk 
Frequency Range (±5 %)0 to 1500 Hz0 to 1500 Hz 
Frequency Range (±10 %)0 to 2000 Hz0 to 2000 Hz 
Resonant Frequency5.2 kHz5.2 kHz[2] 
Phase Response (100 Hz)<10 °<10 ° 
Non-Linearity≤1 %≤1 %[1] 
Broadband Resolution (0.5 to 100 Hz)1 mg rms0.01 m/s² rms[2] 
Transverse Sensitivity≤3 %≤3 % 
Overload Limit (Shock)±3000 g pk±29420 m/s² pk 
Temperature Range (Operating)-65 to +250 °F-54 to +121 °C 
Temperature Range (Storage)-65 to +250 °F-54.0 to +121 °C 
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity±2.5 %±2.5 %[4] 
Zero g Offset Temperature Coefficient±1.5 % FSO±1.5 % FSO[4][5] 
Base Strain Sensitivity0.001 g/µε0.01 (m/s²)/µε[2] 
Magnetic Sensitivity40 µg/gauss3.9 (m/s²)/Tesla[2] 
Excitation Voltage5 to 32 VDC5 to 32 VDC 
Current Consumption≤15 mA≤15 mA 
Output Impedance≤120 Ohm≤120 Ohm 
Offset Voltage±20 mVDC±20 mVDC[6] 
Spectral Noise120 µg/√Hz1177 (µm/sec2)/√Hz[2] 
Electrical Isolation (Case)>100000000 Ohm>100000000 Ohm 
Housing MaterialTitaniumTitanium 
Size - Length0.8 in20.3 mm 
Size - Width0.8 in20.3 mm 
Size - Height0.8 in20.3 mm 
Weight0.6 oz17.3 gm 
Electrical Connector9-Pin 9-Pin  
Electrical Connection PositionSideSide 
Mounting Thread10-32 Female10-32 Female 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method.
[2] Typical.
[3] Measured at 100 Hz, 10 grms.
[4] -65 to +250 °F, ref. 75 °F (-54 to +121 °C, ref. 24 °C)
[5] FSO= Full Scale Output over the Measurement Range
[6] Offset tolerance is based on 10 ft of 037 test cable.
[7] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS027 for details.
ACS-172TTriaxial Phase and Amplitude Calibration from 5 Hz to +5% frequency range(1)
080A12Adhesive Mounting Base(1)
081B05Mounting Stud (10-32 to 10-32)(1)
M081B05Mounting Stud 10-32 to M6 X 0.75(1)
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