polyurethane coiled cable, 6-ft, 2-socket mil-type conn., right angle to bnc plug

Configured Coiled Cable

Model 050BQ006AC

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Polyurethane coiled cable, 6-ft, 2-socket MIL-type conn., right angle to BNC plug

    Specification Notes

    [1] Typical.

    English: SI:
    Number of Conductors 2 2
    Cable Style Multi Conductor - Shielded Multi Conductor - Shielded
    Connector Model (sensor side) Molded Composite Molded Composite
    Connector Style (sensor side) MIL-C-5015 MIL-C-5015
    Connection Type (sensor side) 2-socket 2-socket
    Connector Style Right Angle Right Angle
    Coupling Method (sensor side) Threaded Threaded
    Connector Style (termination) BNC BNC
    Temperature Range -22 to 176 °F -30 to 80 °C
    Capacitance 31 pF/ft 102 pF/m [1]
    Cable Jacket Diameter (±.010 in) 0.21 in 5.33 mm [1]
    Cable Jacket Material TPE TPE
    Cable Jacket Color Black Black
    Conductor Style Stranded - 21 Strands 36 AWG Stranded - 21 Strands 36 AWG
    Conductor Material Tin Plated Copper Tin Plated Copper
    Conductor Diameter (23 AWG) 0.028 in 0.711 mm [1]
    Insulation Material Over Conductor(s) Polypropylene Polypropylene
    Shield Type Over Conductor(s) Braid: 90% Minimum Coverage Braid: 90% Minimum Coverage
    Shield Material Over Conductor(s) Tinned Copper Tinned Copper
    Bend Radius 2.1 in 53.3 mm
    Weight 0.25 lb 0.11 kg [1]
    Size - Length 6 ft 1.829 m

    * All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

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