Vibration Sensor with IO-Link Model 674A91

Unlock your system's full potential

What if you could convert your current control system into one centralized hub for total plant performance? PCB Piezotronics' latest line of industrial accelerometers feature IO-Link compatibility, making it easier than ever to transmit machine vibration data to the systems you know and trust. Expand your condition monitoring network easily with IO-Link's plug-and-play functionality, all while reducing costs associated with traditional maintenance runs.

PCB Piezotronics' latest line of vibration sensors feature IO-Link

PCB's trusted piezoelectric accelerometers have long been the industry's best for vibration monitoring in industrial applications. Now with IO-Link, they make data-driven decision-making easier than ever.

  • Access more data through a digital interface that transmits multiple trending values from a single unit, providing a complete picture of your machine health.
  • Easily integrate with existing control systems by syncing IO-Link sensors via any fieldbus, including EthernetIP, Profinet, Modbus, OPC UA, and MQTT.
  • Simplify device installation and replacement by utilizing the IO-Link system's ability to detect sensor type and remotely configure settings.
  • Streamline network connections with low-cost cabling that combines signal and power, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Receive maintenance alerts to promptly address issues when peak values or sensor specifications are exceeded.
IO-Link setup

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Why IO-Link?

As industrial automation systems become more complex and demanding, IO-Link technology has provided one of the simplest and most versatile ways to improve efficiency in the deployment of sensor networks. The universal, open-source communication protocol between sensors and actuators is the first to have been adopted as an international standard.

Since its 2006 debut, IO-Link has since been adopted by manufacturing facilities worldwide, with annual figures of IO-Link devices installed amounting to 6.3 million nodes, and total numbers exceeding 27 million.

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