ICP® Speed Sensors

Rotational speed measurements offer a common point of reference while performing noise and vibration analysis as a function of RPM. While a variety of methods and transducers can be used to assess dynamic behaviors of rotating machinery, laser tachometers have become a practical, mainstream option for use with commonly available ICP® (IEPE) input channels, offering an easy-to-use alternative to traditional optical pickups. ICP® tachometer signals allow precise rotational speed and phase information measurements needed for order tracking, balancing, NVH, and other applications.

From The Modal Shop

LT2 - LaserTach

LaserTach™ - LT2
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The LaserTach Model LT2 ICP® tachometer from The Modal Shop senses the speed of rotating equipment and outputs an analog voltage pulse train for referencing vibration signals to shaft speed. The sensor allows for measurements up to 100 000 RPM from distances as far as 20 in (51 cm). A status LED provides positive, visual indication of proper signal pickup. The standard BNC jack connects the sensor to all constant current, ICP® conditioned data acquisition systems and signal conditioners. Unlike magnetic tachometer pickups, the LaserTach LT2 does not require the rotating equipment to be a ferrous material - only a retroreflective target needs to be attached to the shaft. 

  • Standard ICP® sensor – 2 mA to 20 mA constant current source
  • Easy to install - 20 in (51 cm) range in a standard bolt package offers additional flexibility during installation
  • Continuous laser operation for jitter-free RPM measurements
  • Narrowband optical filter cap for enhanced outdoor performance
LT2 - LaserTach Kit

LaserTach™ - LT2 Kit
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For additional flexibility, a convenient kit is available. Offering a complete package which includes LaserTach Model LT2 as well as the necessary accessories to solve your testing needs. 

  • LT2
  • BNC to BNC cable
  • Mini-tripod with clip
  • Extra retroreflective tape

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The PulseDriver™ conditions a voltage pulsetrain from a magnetic pickup or similar sensor for input to standard ICP® sensor signal conditioners. In addition, PulseDriver includes an adjustable divider circuit to compensate for 'N per revolution' pulse patterns. Rather than boosting data acquisition sample rates to accommodate the high frequency content of these pulse patterns, test engineers can divide the pulse train down to a square wave with a fundamental frequency equal to the shaft speed. Front-panel rotary switches adjust the divide frequency of the unit by up any number from 1 to 255.

  • Simplifies test setup of magnetic tachometers to data acquisition systems through standard ICP® sensor signal conditioning
  • Eliminates need to oversample all channels due to high frequency tach signal by compensating for 'N per revolution' pulse patterns with integrated divider circuit