Low Outgassing ICP® Accelerometers

Low Outgassing ICP® (IEPE) Accelerometer Types & Their Applications

Mini-triaxial Accelerometers

Spacecraft structures are often made of thin, light-weight materials and require low mass accelerometers. Full-scale spacecraft random vibration responses are three-dimensional, so the combination of a triaxial, low-mass ICP® (IEPE) accelerometer with low outgassing properties is recommended. PCB® Model 356M208 meets this requirement with a low mass of one gram and low outgassing characteristics.

Shock Accelerometers

Separation of booster stages cause shock events that may be transmitted to the spacecraft payload. Low outgassing ICP® (IEPE) accelerometers such as PCB® Model 350M72 may be launched with the payload or used in a vacuum chamber to simulate launch conditions.

High Temperature Accelerometers

Environmental stress screening is often performed in thermal vacuum chambers to verify operating characteristics. PCB® Model 357A07, (p. 10) offers a hermetic, low-mass package with a wide operating temperature range from -100 to +500 °F (-73 to +260 °C).

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