Vibration testing of aircraft gas turbine engines, industrial turbines, rocket propulsion systems, and exhaust systems requires accelerometers designed to withstand very high temperature environments. UHT-12™ is a proprietary crystal designed for more accurate, lower noise measurements at elevated temperatures and are trusted in the most demanding test environments. PCB® sensors made with UHT-12™ technology have an improved data quality compared to ceramic crystal design.

Technical advantages of UHT-12™ sensors

  • Absence of pyroelectric noise spikes up to 1400 ºF (760 ºC)
  • Sensitivity that remains more consistent over a wide temperature change
  • Shear mode crystals isolated from base strain & transverse measurement errors
  • Proprietary crystal technology comes sealed in a hermetic package and has proven, reliable performance in numerous research and monitoring installations

Choose PCB for your extreme temperature sensors

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