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Piezoresistive MEMS Shock Accelerometers

High-G Shock Accelerometers


  • Packaged and surface mount OEM Configurations
  • Single axis and triaxial arrangements
  • Mechanical over-range stops improves survivability

  • Slight damping reduces resonance amplification
  • Excellent amplitude linearity
  • Low power consumption

Piezoresistive MEMS high-amplitude shock accelerometers provide DC response and are capable of measuring long duration transient motion, as well as responding to and surviving extremely fast rise times, typical of a high-g shock event as found in explosive, gun and impact testing. Both packaged and OEM configurations are offered, to fulfill a variety of installation requirements.

The sensing element is air-damped with over range stops and is a full, active piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge. It is micromachined from silicon and manufactured with the latest advances in etching techniques and equipment using deep reactive ion etching (DRIE).