Precision Vibration Calibration Systems

Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

Model 9155

The Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155 provides users with control and confidence in their calibration practice. From the world's largest aerospace companies and major automotive manufacturers, to research facilities and national laboratories, Model 9155 Calibration Systems are installed worldwide and viewed as the market leading choice for precision calibration.

The 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation can be configured to meet the needs of your laboratory or testing facility. A variety of exciters as well as a range of hardware and software choices are available to expand your capabilities.

  • Accelerometer calibrations in under one minute per axis
  • Uncertainties as low as 0.75% with laser primary
  • Calibrations are NIST or PTB traceable
  • Modular system fits any application
  • The options offer compliance to ISO 16063-11, -21, -22 vibration calibration standards
  • System offers ISO 17025 compliant customizable certificates
  • Back-to-back comparison calibration as low as 0.75% uncertainty
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Precision Air Bearing Calibration

Precision Air Bearing Calibration Exciter

Option 9155D-830/831

The Air Bearing Calibration Shaker represents a new level of performance in calibration grade shakers. Graphite air bearing combined with an ultra-lightweight armature essentially eliminates the transverse motion that plagues traditional shakers. Designed for use in the high demand production environment, the 394B30 and 394B31 are proven solutions for accurate, repeatable calibrations.

  • Useable frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Ultra-low transverse motion per ISO 16063-21 recommendations
  • Built in high stability quartz reference sensor
  • Eliminates use of rubber band suspension to enable fast adjustment of armature position for easy and reliable calibrations
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High-g Shock Calibration

High-g Shock Sensor Calibration

Option 9155D-525

The 9525C High-g Shock Calibration Exciter measures sensor sensitivity at high acceleration levels from 20 g-pk to 10 000 g-pk per ISO 16063-22. The pneumatically actuated exciter provides controlled and consistent impacts and is compatible with standard back-to-back shock reference accelerometers.

  • Easy amplitude linearity calibration of shock and crash sensors from 20 g to 10 000 g
  • Offers easy refinement of impulse shape and frequency content using a wide range of impact anvils
  • Precise adjustment of impact with digital pressure gauge
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Low Frequency Calibration

Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration

Option 9155D-771/779

The 2129E025 Low Frequency Calibration Shaker allows calibration data down to 0.1 Hz. High sensitivity sensors can be calibrated to these lower frequencies through the industry leading useable stroke of 25 cm. Optical encoder and linear motor technology allow automated armature position, eliminating the suspension adjustments that plague users of traditional long stroke shakers.

  • Calibrations from 0.1 Hz to 500 Hz
  • Displacement-based reference eliminates limitation of reduced acceleration levels due to fixed stroke exciter
  • Extended stroke length of 25 cm
  • Optical encoder reference resolution constant down to DC, eliminating errors related to noise floor of accelerometer reference at low frequency
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High Payload Calibration

High Payload Sensor Calibration

Option 9155D-875

For high payload applications, Model 2075E-875 is an ideal choice.

  • Supports heavy payload and hard line cabled transducers with sturdy flexure armature
  • Includes test sensor mounting platform with integral stability, quartz ICP® reference accelerometer and paired signal conditioning
  • Operates from 10 to 10 000 Hz
  • Ideal for seismic and modal applications
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