Calibration Services from PCB 

PCB Piezotronics is your partner for an accurate, controlled and confident transducer calibration program. Our five Accredited Global Service Centers provide a wide range of calibration services for shock, vibration, pressure, and force sensors as well as sound level meters, calibrators, and signal conditioners.

We also offer calibration services for similar sensors from other sensor manufacturers. Calibration capabilities offered by our Accredited Global Service Centers are listed below with contact information. If you have special calibration requirements, please contact one of our Applications Engineers at +1 716.684.0001 for assistance.

PCB Piezotronics

Depew, NY USA | +1 716.684.0001 |

Shock, vibration, pressure and force sensors; impact hammers, precision microphones, dynamic strain, related sensor signal conditioning electronics and more
PCB Quality Systems are certified to the requirements of AS9100 Revision C, ISO9001:2008, ISO17025 and ANSI-Z-540-1, and EN13980 & Directive 94/9/EC. Locate factory calibration service code of PCB sensors and signal conditioners on the individual spec sheet for each piece of equipment; special calibrations and calibration services for similar sensors from other sensor manufacturers are also available.

The Modal Shop

Cincinnati, OH USA | +1 513.351.9919 |

Accelerometers, precision microphones and preamplifiers, impact hammers, dynamic force sensors, handheld and portable vibration and acoustic calibrators, signal conditioner electronics and more
ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited) services include vibration calibrations as low as 0.5 Hz, up to 20 kHz and amplitudes to 10 000g, as well as primary vibration reference accelerometer/conditioner systems via laser.

PCB Load & Torque

Farmington Hills, MI USA | +1 716.684.0001 |

Torque, force, and related instrumentation
PCB Load & Torque an ISO 9001 registered company with an A2LA Accredited calibration services for rotary torque, reaction torque, and force measurements.

Larson Davis

Provo, UT USA | +1 716.926.8243 |

Larson Davis sound level meters, calibrators and other Larson Davis products
The ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited) CAL+ service includes a complete multi-point factory test, free firmware upgrade to latest version when applicable, annual labor warranty extension, and replacement of worn consumables (e.g., windscreen, O-rings, desiccants, fuses). Factory repair and rush service available.

PCB Piezotronics Europe GmbH

Hückelhoven, Germany | +1 716.684.0001 |

Vibration / ICP® and charge mode accelerometers
DAkkS Accreditation to ISO 17025 per back-to-back method according to ISO 16063-21:2004-01 in the range from 10 Hz to 15 kHz.

Finding Your Service Code

An original factory calibration service code can be found on the specification sheet of your PCB Group equipment either in the Supplied Accessories or Optional Accessories section. The examples below illustrate where to find the codes.


Model Number 356A02 - Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer
Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer


Model Number 350B50 - Triaxial ICP® AccelerometerTriaxial ICP® Accelerometer





Model Number 377B02 - Precision Condenser MicrophonePrecision Condenser Microphone