Noise Dosimeters from Larson Davis

Rugged, Reliable and Proven Dosimeters

Larson Davis offers a complete line of Noise Dosimeters designed to make noise measurements quick and easy for Industrial Hygienists, EHS Consultants, or Safety Managers concerned with employee hearing protection. With rugged, reliable hardware and user-friendly software, it’s never been easier take measurements compliant with worldwide noise exposure regulations.

  • Noise Exposure: Multiple Dose; Projected Dose; Time Weighted Average; (all with 4 user selectable combinations of Exchange Rate, Threshold, Criterion Level and Criterion Time); Sound Exposure Level
  • Sound Levels: Leq; Lmax; Lmin; Lpeak/Luwpk, SEL and more
  • Time and number of events above Ceiling Level (115 dB) and Peak Level (140dB)

Spartan Model 730 Noise Dosimeter

Spartan™ Model 730 Noise Dosimeter

In place of bulky equipment with connection cables from mic to meter, the wireless Spartan Model 730 requires no pins, no cables, and no docking stations to operate, charge batteries, or view data. The LD Atlas™ mobile app allows you to set up measurements, review tests, and create reports all from your phone or tablet. Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connects a tablet, phone, or laptop to nearby meters offering unobtrusive monitoring of multiple devices and wireless data downloading. An onboard accelerometer detects events leading to inaccurate results, such as bumps or removal of the device. Spartan makes it easy to comply with a host of national and international guidelines, such as OSHA, ISO, and Directive 2003/10/EC of the European Parliament.
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Spartan Model 730 Noise Dosimeter

Spartan™ INTRINSICALLY SAFE Model 730IS Noise Dosimeter

The Spartan™ Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter Model 730IS is designed to safely make noise exposure measurements, even for workers in explosive environments, such as those found in the petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Simple design and intuitive setup make getting worker noise dose measurements easy and fast. All of the benefits of wireless monitoring that come with Spartan Model 730 are available in this intrinsically safe device that is ATEX, UL 913, IECEx, FCC, and CAN/CSA C22.2 approved. With Spartan-IS, control test setup and measurements either on the device itself or directly from the Larson Davis Atlas™ mobile app. Bump and motion detection and optional sound recordings provide information important to understanding measurement results.
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Noise Dosimeter Rentals

Whether you need a single noise dosimeter or multiple meters, The Modal Shop - sister company to Larson Davis and PCB - offers units for both short and long term rentals. Units are calibrated and shipped with an acoustic calibrator and accessories at no extra cost.
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