Single and Triaxial, ICP® Accelerometers for Motorsport Applications

PCB® offers a complete line of single and triaxial, ICP® accelerometers for motorsport applications ranging from highly sensitive and lightweight sensors for low level inputs and mild environments to units with high ranges, hermetically sealed connectors, and rugged titanium construction for severe inputs and environments. With a variety of packages, mounting, and output cabling options, these sensors can accommodate virtually any motorsport testing situation. Optional TEDS circuitry offers ‘smart sensing’ solutions for automating sensor performance bookkeeping and structure coordinate mapping.

PCB Series 339A Triaxial, ICP® accelerometers are designed with a low temperature coefficient, wide operating temperature range, and good broadband measurement resolution, making them ideal for any vibration measurement requiring tight control of amplitude sensitivity over a wide thermal gradient. To alleviate the effects of high frequency overloads caused by metal-to-metal inputs, a low pass filter has been incorporated, ensuring accurate data in the frequency range of interest. These sensors provide precision amplitude data for test applications with large thermal shifts such as powertrain vibration testing, powertrain NVH, certain vehicle systems NVH tests and durability testing in climatic chambers. Additionally, they can be used to measure engine knock in motorsports environments. Sensors are available in both stud and adhesive mounting configurations.

Finally, our series 3711F, 3713F, 3741F, and 3743F MEMS DC response sensors are ideal for Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) measurements.

Choose PCB for your motorsport testing sensor needs.

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