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Training Events

PCB® offers “Successful Measurement of Dynamic Force, Pressure and Acceleration” by Dr. Pat Walter

Registration is now open for the following cities (click to register):

  • Buffalo, NY - May 16-18, 2017    
    Class Full

  • Palmdale, CA - August 8-9, 2017    

Who Should Attend:
Test personnel and their managers; design and analysis staff who use test measurements for model, component, and full-scale system verification; calibration laboratory staff; data reduction personnel; and more generally anyone whose work depends on the output from force, pressure, and acceleration measuring systems to support either test and analysis or control applications.

About the Speaker

Patrick L. Walter, Ph.D., Professor, Texas Christian University (TCU), will serve as training facilitator. Dr. Walter was employed for 30 years at Sandia National Laboratories, with the majority of his tenure spent managing flight, field and laboratory test activities.

Questions? Contact Alyson Grande agrande@pcb.com or 866-816-8892 ext. 2628

“Microphone & Acoustic Fundamentals and Advanced Applications” by Dr. Andrew Barnard

Who Should Attend:
Engineers, acousticians, consultants, staff or students who use acoustic measurement data in their application tests.

About the Speaker

Andrew Barnard, Ph.D., INCE Bd. Cert., CLD, is an Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological University. He holds a Ph.D. in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University and a MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He spent the last 10 years as a researcher at the Applied Research Lab at Penn State studying acoustics and vibrations, specializing in dynamic test and measurement. For more information about Dr. Barnard, visit BarnardAcoustics.com.

  • June 6-7, 2017 Depew, NY PCB Corporate Headquarters
  • August 1, 2017 Austin, TX
  • August 3, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

“Microphone & Acoustic Fundamentals and Advanced Applications” by Michael Thibeault

About the Speaker

Mr. Thibeault has an MBA and Master of Science in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Ursinus College. With over 20 years' engineering experience, he has expertise in program and project management in the design and development of high-tech products and systems.   He has managed large defense programs for an international defense contractor and supervised the testing and fabrication of SONAR transducers and arrays for the Penn State Applied Research Lab.

  • October 3, 2017 Charlotte, NC


Webinar - "Advanced Acoustics Concepts" by Michael Thibeault

Webinar - "Acoustics Basics" by Mark Valentino

About the Speaker

Mr. Valentino has Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Buffalo State College. He has over 13 years' product and application experience with test and measurement microphones. He is responsible for managing all phases of the acoustic portfolio life cycle. He also has over 25 years’ acoustic audio experience as a professional musician and was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

Webinar - "Sound Power Basics" by Chad Walber

About the Speaker

Dr. Walber has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University with a concentration in Dynamic Systems and Acoustics. He has over 10 years' experience with experimental vibrations, acoustics, and dynamic measurements. His primary focus is in microphone calibration, specialty sensor design, precision measurement methods, and field experimentation in dynamics and acoustics. He sits as chair on ASA S1 (Acoustics)/WG1 (Measurement Microphones), as a liaison from ASA to IEC TC29 (Electroacoustics), and voting member of IEC TC29/WG5 (Measurement Microphones). 

Sensors Online Webinar (Sponsored by PCB Piezotronics)

How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Acoustics Measurements

Featured speakers Dr. Andrew Barnard, Dr. Chad Walber

PCB® Conformal Ballistic Pressure Sensor Training Course

A 3-Day Technical Seminar and Training Course sponsored by the PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

The third annual training serves as a training workshop and discussion forum addressing a broad range of topics relevant to small arms ammunition ballistic laboratory/test facility operations.

Who Should Attend:
The PCB® Conformal Ballistic Pressure Sensor Training Course is of special interest to small arms ballistic laboratory technicians, ammunition and firearm test engineers, and test facility managers, civilian, law enforcement, and military, who utilize the ANSI-SAAMI standards in the manufacture or qualification of ammunition and firearms.

About The Workshop:
The training will be held in August 15-16, 2017 in Depew, NY.
Registration opening soon.

Questions? Contact Alyson Grande agrande@pcb.com or 866-816-8892 ext. 2628