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Reaction Torque

Reaction torque sensors are suitable for a wide array of torque measurement applications. They are typically used in torsional test machines, motor dynamometers, or in any application where rotation is limited to 360° or less. Due to the fact that these sensors do not utilize bearings, slip-rings, or other rotating elements, their installation and use can be very cost effective.

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Model 2508-04A

  • (Full Scale Capacity)500 lbf-in
  • (Full Scale Capacity)56.5 Nm
  • (output at rated capacity)2 mV/V
  • (output at rated capacity)2 mV/V
  • Flange (#10-24 Bolts)
  • Flange (No Metric Equivalent)
  • 2.00 in
  • 50.8 mm
  • 3.00 in
  • 76.2 mm
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