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Experience Is The Best Teacher

Quick Start University Laboratory Programs

With a history of providing discounted sensors to the University community, PCB Piezotronics, Inc. has expanded their commitment with four new Laboratory Programs: Acoustics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics.

These programs are based on:

  • Simplicity - predefined kits commonly used sensors and accessories with an easy-to-use order form
  • Budget friendly - generous discounts for sensor kits and optional products - all products are new and within specification
  • Industry expertise - 1-hour classroom lecture, technical posters, and step-by-step laboratory experiments 

Each program includes:

  • Discounted sensor kit
  • Instructor's Guide to step-by-step experiments 
  • Technical  posters
  • Classroom lecture by a PCB®  expert

Learn More About Each Laboratory Program:

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