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Model: EX649A71

$945.00 USD
(Pricing valid in US only)


Loop Powered 4-20 mA Output Reciprocating Machinery Protector (RMP) (CSA/ ATEX Approved)

Provides early warning of faults and mechanical looseness in reciprocating compressors, eliminates false trips, outputs exclusive Reciprocating Fault Index (RFI), trends peak acceleration before alarm event occurs, hermetically sealed, 4-20 mA loop powered, field programmable with USB interface (Model 070A89) CSA and ATEX approved, supplied with explosion proof conduit elbow.

  • Output: 4-20 mA
  • Machinery RPM Range: 240 to 10000 cpm (4 to 166 Hz)
  • Sampling Time: 0.2 to 6.4 sec
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 212 °F (-40 to 100 °C)
  • Excitation Voltage: 15 to 30 VDC

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Output4-20 mA4-20 mA 
Machinery RPM Range240 to 10000 cpm4 to 166 Hz[1][2] 
Sampling Time0.2 to 6.4 sec0.2 to 6.4 sec[2] 
Weighting Factor0.1 to 20 mA0.1 to 20 mA[2] 
Peak Coupling Current Range4 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA[2] 
Shock Threshold Limit2 to 50 g2 to 50 g 
Temperature Range-40 to 212 °F-40 to 100 °C 
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 257 °F-40 to 125 °C 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx ia, AExia IIC T4Ex ia, AExia IIC T4 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEx na, AExnA IIC T4Ex na, AExnA IIC T4 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass I Div 1 Groups A, B, C, DClass I Div 1 Groups A, B, C, D 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, DClass I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass II Div 1 Groups E, F, GClass II Div 1 Groups E, F, G 
Hazardous Area ApprovalClass IIIClass III 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEEx ia IIC T4, Ta=100 deg CEEx ia IIC T4, Ta=100 deg C 
Hazardous Area ApprovalEEx nA IIC T4, Ta=100 deg CEEx nA IIC T4, Ta=100 deg C 
Excitation Voltage15 to 30 VDC15 to 30 VDC 
Load Resistance50(Vs-15) Ohm50(Vs-15) Ohm 
Electrical Isolation>10^8 Ohm>10^8 Ohm 
Size - Height5.8 in147 mm 
Size - Width3.85 in98 mm 
Weight1.1 lb500 gm 
Mounting Thread1/4 NPT1/4 NPT 
Sensing ElementPiezoelectric AccelerometerPiezoelectric Accelerometer 
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel 
Electrical Connection PositionTopTop 
Electrical Connections (Pin A)4-20 mA Pos (+)4-20 mA Pos (+) 
Electrical Connections (Pin B)4-20 mA Neg (-)4-20 mA Neg (-) 
Overload Limit (Shock)5000 g pk49050 m/s² pk 
Screw Terminal Wire Size12-24 AWG3.0 - .2mm² 
Conduit Housing Thread1" NPT FemaleNot Applicable 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.


Product Notes
[1] 1Hz = 60 cpm (cycles per minute).
[2] USB Programmable
[3] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS053 or PS070 for details.
No Accessories
Optional Versions:
No optional versions
Product Documents
Additional Downloads
- NEW Programming Software for Use with 070A103 Dongle (EE225)
 For use with 070A103 dongle to program 649-Series devices. For users that are still using the old 070A82 dongle and software, please contact the factory for a no charge upgrade.